Are you interested in establishing an online presence for yourself, and or your company? It has become essential to do so in today’s world.

Whether you want to solidify an existing brand, improve the credibility of your business, or attract more clients, it will be essential to have a good website. The very first step in creating a website that will be a game—changer will be to register your domain name.

How Important Is It to Register Domain Name Free?

  1. A domain name provides your first impression. The business URL will be the first thing that your website visitors will see. A good domain name, therefore, has the potential to make a long-lasting Bad domain names can send away visitors.
  2. Your domain name will affect search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. EMDs (exact match domains) are no longer a necessity, but including a keyword in the domain name assists with SEO ranking.
  3. The domain name defines the business brand. The name provides you with a branding opportunity. Choosing the right domain name will enhance your brand recognition efforts.

Registering a Domain Name for Free

There exist some domain name registrars to choose from on the web. You will also need to choose a web host. The host will be required before you can set up the blog or website.

Free domain names are available from some of the biggest registrars on the web. How do you register a free domain name?

  1. Identify your preferred hosting solution provider. Consider the type of site you want to create before settling on the host.
  2. Select a domain name that has yet to be selected
  3. Follow the registration prompts. Ensure you provide all the details required
  4. Enjoy the free domain name after registration


Domain Name Extensions

These are groupings of internet domain names. You can choose from the following extensions when registering a domain name:

  • .info
  • .com
  • .org
  • .net

One thing you need to be sure of is that .com is still the most popular and preferred domain extension globally. The extension is also easier to remember. It is, therefore, a safe bet for your website.

You will be required to renew the domain name within a year or two, depending on the length selected during registration. Remember to renew on time, or else your domain name will be taken offline. Failure to catch up within a few weeks could cost you as it may be put up for sale again. Ensure you do not forget to renew your domain name.


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