Before rushing out to buy a domain name or get a name for your website, there are a few factors that you may want to consider:

The Domain Name Should Be the Same as the Name of Your Website

It may seem obvious to name the site after your domain. But you can be surprised to find that not all sites have been named after their domain names. It is something that applies to sites where the webmasters are the actual owners of the domain name.

Naming your site after the domain name is critical. When people are thinking about your company, they will usually think about its name. In a case where the name is also the URL, the visitors will know which site to visit.

A good domain name example will be Here, the name of your website will also be its URL.  People are today using the web to find all kinds of information. It will, therefore, pay to have a domain name that correctly reflects your business or site.

It will mean that your visitors will not have much to remember. Additionally, do not expect your customers to memorize a URL just because you would like them to do that. Your competitors are the only ones who will commit the URL to memory as they would like to compare the prices in future.

Brand Name or Generic Name Domains

Many people assume that they need to have a generic name for them to stand out on the web. But this is not true. Many customers will already have a brand name in mind when shopping online.

For this reason, choose a domain name that matches your brand name. The names you use when advertising your products are the same ones that you should use in your domain. Try to play with the names to come up with good domain name examples.

Short or Long Domain Names

A great domain name can be of any length, so long as it does not exceed sixty-seven characters. Do not settle for an obscure name just because you think your business name is too long.

There, however, exists a debate on which between long or short domain names are better. There are those that argue that short domain names are the best while others beg to differ. Many of these disagreements are academic in nature.

Therefore, go for something that your customers will remember easily. It should not be too short such that it becomes obscure, and it should not be too long such that it poses a typing problem.


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