When looking to purchase a domain name, the hardest task is finding an available domain name that you actually like. If you come up with a good domain name, but find that it has already been acquired, this is what you can do to buy it for yourself:

Double check the domain name registration

  • Perform a search for trademarks. You need to ensure that your preferred domain name does not have any trademarks. Existing trademarks can spell trouble for you later. You can quickly perform a trademark search online.
  • Google the preferred term. Run the words you want to use in your domain name using your search engine. It will enable you to find other firms that are using the term. Be on the lookout for phrases in use that you may not have known were in use.
  • Look for other company names: you should always exercise caution during domain name registration. Do not go for a name that is very close to that of your competitors.
  • Take a critical look at its past reputation. Establish whether that domain name was recently in use by another website. The internet archive can be used to identify sites that may have used the domain name recently. Sites that contain adult or illegal content may hurt your search engine rankings.

Check where you would like to buy that domain name

  • Confirm that this domain is going to be registered using your name. You should always confirm with the supplier that the domain will be indeed in your name. A supplier can hold you at ransom or take control of the domain when it’s under their name, and not yours.
  • Inquire about flexibility. It is always hard to predict on how your business will begin to change. Confirm that your supplier can provide you with a flexible package. Ensure that you can also access and change your DNS settings.

Get a good deal

  • Look for first-year discounts and offers. The domain name registration industry is very competitive. As such, suppliers are always providing discounts to people registering for the first time.
  • Inquire about the renewal terms. Establish how much your domain will cost for the second year. This is vital when you are taking advantage of signup discounts. The costs could increase substantially for the follow-up

If you are okay with the pricing options, you should go ahead and register your preferred name. Any dilly-dallying on your side could cost you as the name could be snatched up by another person.

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